In 1974, after furiously peddling 8-track tapes out of a 1962 green chevy van (160,000 miles plus) for one and a half years, Jan Fichman & his father Jack had a thought. Maybe it would be a great idea to open a retail store (and stay in one place) and sell music and cool stuff, allowing Jan to return to college and pursue a degree in medicine.(Okay,  Jan really wanted to go to frat parties every weekend & persue good-looking women. Still….)
And so 7th Heaven was born. A unique, anti-authoritarian store that has always catered to those people looking for something….different. Trends have changed & 7th Heaven changes with them: out goes hair-metal, in comes gangsta-rap. Out goes turquoise rings, in comes body jewelry. All the while, 7th Heaven has stayed committed to providing the fun & necessary tools for those leading an alternative lifestyle. Our site isn’t finished yet, but in the mean time feel to reach out and contact us or stop by anytime at 7621 Troost, KCMO.